Simon Ciranka

Collaborating PhD Student
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​ I studied psychology with a focus on perception and learning in Gießen and Istanbul, and completed my Bachelors supervised by Roland Fleming and Karl Gegenfurtner. After clinical experience in the Charité university hospitals’ daycare and closed psychiatric unit, I obtained my master’s degree in the cognitive-affective neuroscience program at the TU-Dresden where I was working with Andrea Reiter, Shu Chen Li and Dimitrije Markovic. Then I joined the International Max Planck UCL research school on computational psychiatry and aging research in late 2017 where I pursue my PhD in Berlin together with Wouter van den Bos and Bernhard Spitzer. I am interested in how formal modeling of behavior can help advancing developmental research with a special focus on adolescent risk-taking and (social) learning. For this, I mostly work in a hierarchical Bayesian framework and adopt computational methods from behavioural economics, psychology, and neuroscience. I also use EEG and machine learning methods to understand the neurocognitive mechanisms of risk-taking. Apart from doing research, I am what others might call a foodie and music enthusiast.